MVHacks 4.5

The hackathon for everyone.
(especially beginners)

Stay tuned for MVHacks 5.0!

Setting upA team collaboratingA team working on a project togetherCup stacking competitionSome baked goods on a tableAnother team collaboratingA round of the brawlstars tournamentThe entire event room with teams spread across the tables

*The schedule is subject to change

Check In

7:45 am

Opening Ceremony

8:00 am

Icebreakers; Team Formation + Start Hacking

8:30 am

Intro to Web Development

Workshop #1

11:00 am

Meal + Exercise Break

12:30 pm

Google Software Developer and his Favorite Tech Stack

Workshop #2 with developer Jeffrey Rennie discussing his CS career

1:30 pm

Skribbl Tournament

3:30 pm

CTF Event

4:30 pm

Project Submissions

8:00 pm

Closing Ceremony & Awards

9:00 pm

Interested in sponsoring MVHacks? Contact and take a look at our prospectus!

A hackathon is a competitive educational event in which students come together to develop an idea for a project into a real product. MVHacks will provide hackers with educational resources, including seminars and mentors, and an environment that will enable their success.

It is completely free! All food, swag, and prizes are provided at no charge.


No - this is a fantastic learning opportunity! Hackers can expect to be able to attend educational workshops run by industry professionals in addition to experienced adult mentors to help them learn and succeed.

All high school students are eligible to attend MVHacks as hackers. Interested in attending but not a high school student? Consider signing up to be a mentor.

For the event, all you need is your school ID, laptop, charger, and a desire to hack!


Teams of up to 4 are allowed. You may work as an individual, but we recommend collaborating. There will be a team mixer at start of the hackathon.

Be nice, respectful, and have fun! Hackers are expected to behave appropriately and safely at all times, and abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.

Contact us through our Facebook, Twitter, or email:



Sonav Agarwal

Lead Director


Olivia Lai

Tech Director

Ashwin Talwalkar

Event Director


Vinay Siva

Outreach Director


Milind Upadhyay

Tech Team

Zephyr Jones

Tech Team


Amanda Zhang

Event Team


Saarang Bondalapati

Event Team


Taiga Narusawa

Event Team


Astra Tulac

Event Team


Mihir Srivastava

Outreach Team


Jayant Patil

Outreach Team

Armaan Hedayati

Outreach Team